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Welcome to NeuroWRAP (Workflow integrator for Reproducible Analysis of multi-Photon NEUROimaging)

(Formerly known as BRAIN Platform)

NeuroWRAP is a collaborative workflow platform for reproducible and verifiable neurodata analysis. It features:

  • Ease of use: Allows non-programmers to configure and run analyses​
  • Integrate algorithms from different sources and languages​
  • Reproducible analysis:​
    • Track, organize, and compare analysis inputs and outputs​
    • Sharing of data and workflows​
  • Module validation via metamorphic analysis​
    • Quantify impact of input variants to determine robust analysis configuration​
  • Standardized data formats, e.g., Neurodata Without Borders (NWB)

NeuroWRAP is available for Windows 10 and Mac

Contact us at ( to get access to the NeuroWRAP!

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About the project

NeuroWRAP is developed and maintained by Fraunhofer USA with collaboration with the Losert Lab

Supported by the NIH U19 NS107464 BRAIN Initiative